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ENERGY STAR® Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are common in most establishments that use non-disposable dishes, glassware, and utensils, such as restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, and institutional cafeterias. Commercial dishwashers can clean and sanitize a large quantity of kitchenware in a short amount of time by utilizing hot water, soap, rinse chemicals, and significant amounts of energy and water. With as much as ten less gallons used per wash at high usage rates, ENERGY STAR® commercial dishwashers can save up to 37,000 gallons of water per year.

ENERGY STAR® certified commercial dishwashers can save:
• About 50 percent more water than standard models
• An average of $1,500 annually and more than $19,000 on utility bills over the product’s lifetime when compared to standard models

Rebate Amount:
Commercial Dishwasher: $250

Available At: 
Mid City Restaurant Supply
Bargreen Ellingson

How to Redeem:

By Mail:
Fill out the form and print. Mail the completed form AND the sales receipt to:

Board of Water Supply Water Sensible Rebate Program
P.O. Box 1440
Honolulu HI 96806

By Email: 
Fill out the form AND and email it and the sales receipt to watersensible@honeywell.com 

Download the Rebate Form  (includes Terms and Conditions) 

Updated: 01/18/2024