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ENERGY STAR® Batch Type Air Cooled Ice Machine

Automatic commercial ice makers are common in a variety of commercial and industrial facilities for both food and patient care applications. Commercial ice makers can be classified into either of two general equipment types, batch-type (also called cube-type) and continuous-type.

Batch-type ice makers can save water by harvesting ice with alternating freezing cycles. ENERGY STAR® batch type ice machines can save:

• 20 percent more water when compared with standard models

• $75 annually and $660 over the product’s lifetime on utility bills

Rebate Amount: 
Rated Batch-Type Ice Machine: $100

Available At: 
Mid City Restaurant Supply
Bargreen Ellingson

How to Redeem:

By Mail:
Fill out the form and print. Mail the completed form AND the sales receipt to:

Board of Water Supply Water Sensible Rebate Program
P.O. Box 1440
Honolulu HI 96806

By Email: 
Fill out the form AND and email it and the sales receipt to watersensible@honeywell.com 

Download the Rebate Form  (includes Terms and Conditions) 

Updated: 01/18/2024