How the Board of Water Supply Reads Your Water Meter

water meter readerThe Board of Water Supply (BWS) reads its water meters in two ways:

  • By radio signal using a vehicle-mounted radio receiver, or
  • Visually by a BWS meter reader.

For more information about how the BWS collects customer meter readings, check out this video:

How the Board of Water Supply Reads Your Water Meter

How to Read Your Water Meter

water meter sensusWater meters are usually located near the street-side of your property line. To read your water meter, lift up the protective cover and examine the reading dials.

The BWS uses three basic types of residential water meters. Each utilizes an odometer-type register, either a traditional scrolling-number readout or one with a display like an electronic calculator. All meters also have an indicator—such as a little red/black pinwheel—that moves when water is moving through it.

You can detect leaks by closing all water outlets (faucets and taps) and checking the meter. If all the water is shut off, and there are no leaks, then the pinwheels should not move at all. Because the red/black pinwheels will move at very low flows, they can sense and display even a small leak.

Leaks in household and underground water pipes on your property can be expensive. Check for possible leaks in your property at least once a month, or whenever you suspect a leak exists. Be sure to make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

After you have checked your meter, be sure to replace the cover flush with the box. If your meter box has a reading hole cover, turn the cover to the closed position so that the two holes are not parallel to the sides of the box.