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Our Mission

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) provides safe, dependable and affordable water now and into the future.

We at the BWS are working hard to preserve and protect our most essential resource – our water. We invite you to participate in our vision and the efforts being undertaken in communities around Oahu by becoming a part of the BWS ohana.

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We are blessed with many gifts here in Hawaii, and a plentiful supply of the best water in the world is at the top of that list. We also have been blessed with a community that has worked with us when we have asked for conservation. This is a new era, with new challenges, and the BWS is meeting those challenges with a renewed commitment to our vision and mission.

The BWS has developed goals to support water resource planning, based on the ahupua'a model of sustainable resource management. In a world of limited resources, meeting these goals will require balance, understanding and shared responsibility. These goals enable the BWS to fulfill its roles and responsibilities in a larger system of agencies contributing to the management of water resources.

Our Goals

For many years, the BWS has communicated its efforts through strategic goals: resource sustainability, operational sustainability, and financial sustainability. These over-arching agency goals create alignment with the vision and mission, program priorities and action plans.

  • Resource Sustainability (Safe): ​Protect, conserve and manage Oahu's water supplies and watersheds now and into the future through adaptive and integrated strategies.

  • Operational Sustainability (Dependable): Build an effective organization that continuously works to improve dependable service.

  • Financial Sustainability (Affordable): Implement sound fiscal strategies to provide safe, dependable and affordable water service.

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