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Thank you for your interest in a group tour with the Board of Water Supply. Prior to submitting a tour request online or by email using a fillable PDF form, please review the following information, which may affect your planning.

Group tour reservation requests require a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance. Tour appointments may be made up to one year in advance.

Group Tour Minimum and Maximum Counts

  • All group tours require a minimum of ten (10) persons.
  • Group maximums depend on specific tour and BWS staff availability:
    • Fred Ohrt Water Museum and Halawa Xeriscape Garden Tour - 60 persons maximum (1 BWS staff person) - or - 120 persons maximum (2 BWS staff persons)
    • Nuuanu Watershed Tour - 60 persons maximum.
    • Halawa Shaft Tour - 24 persons maximum.
    • Waihee Tunnel Tour and Honouliuli Water Recycling Facility - 30 persons maximum.

Adult Chaperone/Student Ratio

  • All student groups (age 17 and under) require responsible adult/parent supervision. The following guidelines represent minimum adult/youth ratio:
    • Fred Ohrt Water Museum and Halawa Xeriscape Garden Tour - 1 adult per 30 students.
    • Nuuanu Watershed Tour - 1 adult per 30 students.
    • Halawa Shaft Tour - 1 adult per 11 students.
    • Waihe'e Tunnel and Honouliuli Recycled Water Facility - 1 adult per 14 students.

Dress Code

  • Casual attire: t-shirts, shorts or long pants are recommended.
  • Outdoor tours: rain jacket/poncho, sunscreen and insect repellent are highly recommended.
  • Covered footwear (i.e. shoes or sneakers) required for all tours. No high heels or bare feet allowed. Covered footwear exception as follows:
    • Waihee Tunnel tour (tunnel portion only) - any kind of footwear is acceptable - rubber boots/slippers, old shoes, "crocs"-type, fishing tabi or reef walkers, etc. Absolutely no bare feet.
  • Water Recycling Facility: shirtsleeves, long pants, covered shoes (no high heels) required. The BWS will provide required safety glasses and hard hats.

Increased Security Requirement Procedures Implemented

  • All groups must provide a complete name list of all tour members/participants (teachers, students, and chaperones.)
    • Each adult (age 18+) accompanying the group must submit full name and home address (No P.O. boxes) as a condition of tour entry. *
    • Group name list must be received a minimum of one week prior to tour date by BWS's Communications Office. Add-ons are not allowed within the one-week period prior to tour date.
    • On tour day, all tour participants must fulfill one of the following requirements. Any/all person(s) not able to fulfill the applicable requirement will be denied entry and/or tour.
      • ALL adult tour members are required to present a valid photo identification card and sign the Consent of Entry (liability waiver) Form. Any adult unable to provide a valid photo ID will be denied entry and/or tour.
      • ALL tour participants 17 years and younger are required to have a Consent of Participation form signed by their parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult.
  • No large bags, such as backpacks or camera bags are allowed inside of BWS facilities. Any/all bags that must be carried while on tour are subject to inspection.
  • No picture taking and/or video recording allowed inside facilities.

Other Restrictions

Other restrictions may be imposed by the BWS in the interest of public safety, which may include cancellation of tours without notification and/or re-booking. The BWS reserves the right to refuse entry and/or tour to any persons who demonstrate reckless or irresponsible behavior; and/or any individual where health and safety concerns may be jeopardized and/or questioned for themselves and/or others.

* Information provided for BWS records only. Sensitive information will be kept confidential and not made part of the BWS' public records. HRS Sections 92F-13(1).

Updated: 03/06/2020