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NOTICE: Due to site renovations, Nuuanu Watershed tours are not available until further notice. Call (808) 748-5041 for more information.

Experience the outdoors and learn the important role watershed areas play in Oahu's water cycle. Set sights on panoramic valley views, wind-borne clouds as they move across mountaintops and forests that reach toward the skies. Nuuanu Valley's Watershed holds a rich heritage of historic sites and ancient Hawaiian folklore and legends. Free 90-minute group tour is available by appointment only. Grade 4 and older.

Applicable DOE Standards

  • SC.3.8.2: Describe how the water cycle is related to weather and climate
  • SS.7HHK.3.1: Explain the events (including warfare and land control), people (including Kamehameha, Kekuhaupio, Kalaniopuu, Kiwalao, Keoua, Keawemauhili, Kahekili, Kalanikupule, Davies, and Young), and ideas (including foreign advisors, weaponry, and strategies) that led to the unification of the Hawaiian Islands
  • SC.ENV.5.6: Explain why recycling and conservation of resources are important

"(The tour guide) was awesome. (The guide) was patient with the youth...had a lot of information, and clearly answered all the questions that the youth asked."

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Updated: 03/06/2020