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Welcome to the Water Sensible Trade Ally Program. The purpose of this program is to allow Board of
Water Supply customers to find contractors and vendors that provide water conservation products and
services. Below are some benefits for the contractors and vendors that participate in the program.

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Trade Allies 

Company List:
Industry: Cooling Towers

PURAL Water Specialty Co. Inc.
Measures: Conductivity Controller, Flow Meter, Overflow Alarm
Phone/Website: (808) 488-8434, https://www.puralwater.com/

EMCC Hawaii
Measures: Conductivity Controller, Flow Meter
Phone/Website: (808) 590-0494, http://www.emcchawaii.com/

Hawaii Energy Systems
Measures: Flow meters, Overflow Alarm, Weather Based Irrigation Controller,
Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
(808) 426-7213, www.hawaiienergysystems.com

Measures: Conductivity Controller, Flow Meter, Overflow Alarm
(808) 636-6710, https://www.chemtreat.com/

ChemSystems, Inc. 
Measures: Conductivity Controller, Overflow Alarm
(808) 845-4446, https://chemsystemshi.com/

Company List:
Industry: Plumbing Industry 

Hawaii Plumbing Group
Measures: EPA WaterSense Shwoerheads, Toilets and Urinals,
Energy Star Clothes Washers 
(808) 842-9999, https://hawaiiplumbinggroup.com/

Company List:
Industry: Landscape

Inoa Rain Gutters
Measures: Rain Barrels 
(808) 590-7615, https://inoarainguttershi.com/

Performance Landscapes 
Measures: Weather Based Irrigation Controllers, Rain Barrels
(808) 282-5496, https://www.performancels.com

Company List:
Industry: Home Remodeling/Construction

HPS Construction Services, LTD. 
Measures: Showerheads, Aerators, Toilets, Urinals, Clothes Washers
(808) 306-4400, https://hpsconstructionservices.com/

Updated: 08/17/2023