About the BWS Water Master Plan

The BWS is committed to providing the people of Oahu with safe, dependable, and affordable water now and into the future. To ensure that commitment is met efficiently and effectively, the BWS has developed the Water Master Plan (WMP), a comprehensive program that looks ahead 30 years to evaluate the entire water system, quantify future demands and source options, identify necessary improvements, and balance needs and costs of providing water to residents and visitors.

This WMP provides an updated, comprehensive understanding of Oahu’s water supplies, water needs, and the water system, giving the BWS a roadmap to meet future needs, establish priorities, and adopt sustainable financing strategies. The BWS took on a rigorous three-year process to develop the WMP.

The work effort integrated multiple elements in formulating the plan recommendations, including consistency with watershed management plans and development of strategies to ensure long term sustainability in the face of growth, climate change, and other challenges. The analysis included performing a thorough condition assessment of the BWS’s infrastructure, developing hydraulic models for the entire BWS system, performing hydraulic evaluations of the water systems, and assessing necessary system improvements.

The WMP also provides the foundation for prioritizing Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects and identifying a sustainable financial program. The BWS Board of Directors (Board) has adopted the WMP as the comprehensive "living" document for future water system improvements.

The thoughtful, proactive investment in infrastructure and maintenance of the water system supports the BWS’s ability to better control rates over the long run. This, in turn, supports the BWS’s commitment to continue providing safe, dependable, and affordable water to all of its customers, now and into the future.

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Updated: 02/17/2023