Save Water Now

xeriscape plant makahaThe island of Oahu sustains a population approaching one million people. Our primary source of drinking water is groundwater: fresh water, filtered through mountain watersheds and held within the porous volcanic rock of the island.

Our island water supply is a precious resource that requires our care and concern. Like the favored plant from the garden, water needs special attention and protection. Because of our growing population, effective water management is a major element in planning for expanding water needs.

Water Demand Trend

water demand trend 2023

water plants 2017To extend the life of this precious resource, we need to be more conscious of water conservation practices in our everyday lives. With a little effort and a little common sense, you can make water conservation a way of life by locating and fixing leaks, choosing plants and trees which require a minimum of water, and following other water saving tips that can save thousands of gallons every year.

Water Waste Hotline

Need to report a water waste concern? Contact us at the Water Waste Hotline.