Nature does an excellent job in providing us with abundant drinking water. However, nature needs our active participation in order to maintain its clarity and purity. Use water wisely. Dispose of wastes properly and support recycling. Protecting our water resources begins with protecting our environment. Check out these websites and see what you can do to protect our water resources.

city department of environmental service logo

Honolulu Department of Environmental Service, Solid Waste System external link

  • Curbside Green Waste
  • Community Recycling
  • Illegal Dumping

state of hawaii department of health logos

Hawaii State Department of Health, Safe Drinking Water Branch external link

  • Groundwater Protection Program
  • Potential Groundwater Contamination Sources
  • Hawaii Groundwater

Hawaii State Department of Health, Office of Solid Waste Management external link

  • Illegal Dumping Notice
  • Disposing of Lead-based Paint Waste
  • Disposal of Household Hazardous Wastes

state of hawaii department of agriculture logos

Hawaii State Department of Agriculture, Pesticides Branch external link

  • Pesticides Rules and Laws
  • FAQ on Pesticides
  • Commonly Asked Questions

bws logo

Honolulu Board of Water Supply, Water Conservation Division site link

Updated: 03/30/2023