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Energy Savings Performance Contract Project

MARCH 26, 2016 – The Board of Water Supply has entered into a 20‐year, $33 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) with NORESCO LLC. This partnership allows the BWS to implement comprehensive energy efficiency, renewable energy, and operational improvements which guarantees enough energy savings over the next 20 years to pay for the contract. The project is being financed by a loan from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, managed by the State of Hawaii Department of Health.

An ESPC is an alternative project delivery approach that allows a government agency to enter into a long‐term partnership with an energy service company to facilitate and accelerate energy conservation measures, or ECMs. The ECMs to be implemented will reduce the BWS’s annual electrical usage by about 8 million kilowatt hours (kWh), or 9 percent of the BWS's total purchased electricity.

The following Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) will be installed at 58 work sites, which are on BWS properties. At some sites, multiple ECMs will be installed.

Photovoltaic systems

  • Installation of photovoltaic systems at 38 sites with facility upgrades and renovations.
    • 23 reservoir‐mounted systems, 13 ground‐mounted systems, and two carports.
  • Average annual energy savings: 5,265,850 kWh.
  • Average annual cost savings: $1,774,034.

Energy efficient pumps in four major production wells

  • Replacement of one pump in Wahiawa and three pumps in Honouliuli.
  • Average annual energy savings: 1,348,979 kWh.
  • Average annual cost savings: $529,659.

Enrollment of BWS pumping stations into HECO’s Rider M and TOU‐J programs

  • BWS to pay reduced electrical rates when it is able to pump water during defined periods when HECO’s power storage levels are high and their customer use is low. This will allow the BWS water storage to be at optimal levels and pumps can be turned off during peak periods of use by HECO’s customers.
  • Average annual cost savings: $368,113.

Energy efficient lighting at BWS facilities

  • Modernization of interior and exterior lighting systems at the Beretania Complex and Corporation Yards to LED systems and fixtures.
  • Average annual energy savings: 717,027 kWh.
  • Average annual cost savings: $311,513.

Energy efficient air conditioning upgrades and controls

  • Replace air conditioning systems with new energy‐efficient equipment and modern controls that will reduce energy consumption at the Kalihi and Manana Corporation Yards.
  • Expansion of existing air conditioning controls at the Beretania Complex.
  • Average annual energy savings: 616,518 kWh.
  • Average annual cost savings: $206,121.

Install power factor correction equipment

  • Install power factor correction equipment at 17 pumping sites.
  • Power factor is the difference between the amount of power drawn from the main supply and the amount of power that is actually consumed.
  • Equipment will increase power factor from less than 85 percent to 95 percent making the equipment more energy efficient.
  • BWS will receive a credit from HECO for having a power factor above 85 percent.
  • Average annual cost savings: $102,963.

Fleet conversion

  • Systematic replacement of fossil fuel vehicles to electric and hybrid vehicles.
    • 26 sport utility hybrid vehicles and two electric plug‐in hybrid vehicles.
    • Installation of two electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Average annual cost savings: $11,899.

Updated: 10/27/2022