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The Cross Connection Control Section (CCCS) of the Board of Water Supply was established to ensure that the public drinking water system is protected from possible contamination through cross-connections and backflow conditions. CCCS manages and oversees the agency's cross-connection control and backflow prevention assembly annual testing program. The program encompasses over 9,000+ private- and government-owned backflow prevention assemblies across the island.

The CCCS also reviews constructions plans for cross-connection control and backflow prevention requirements, conducts cross-connection control inspections of backflow prevention assembly installations, cross-connection control surveys, and addresses any questions or concerns the public may have regarding backflow prevention or cross-connection controls. 

BWS Cross-Connection Control Section
- Phone: (808) 748-5470
- Email: cccs@hbws.org
- Fax: (808) 550-5550


Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training

BWS has suspended offering the backflow prevention assembly tester training course.

  • If you are interested in becoming a certified backflow prevention assembly tester and want to sign up for a 5-day training class, please call the PAMCAH Training Workshop at (808) 456-0585.
  • For certified backflow prevention assembly testers who need to be re-certified, please call the PAMCAH Training Workshop at (808) 456-0585, or you can be re-certified by the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).


Updated: 04/03/2024