The Board of Water Supply and the Friends of Halawa Xeriscape Garden (FOHXG) host workshops at the garden from September through May each year. The year's workshop schedule is announced on the first Saturday of August. See a sampling of past workshops below. Preferred workshop rates are available to FOHXG members. For more information, call the Halawa Xeriscape Garden at (808) 748-5315 or send an email to

Featured 2019-2020 Workshops

  • Backyard Composting: Nature's Recycling
    Backyard Composting: Nature's Recycling

    This September workshop taught participants the basics of backyard composting using resources from their own yards and leftovers from their tables!

  • Fancy Funnels
    Fancy Funnels

    Participants in this hands-on September workshop created a functionally artful planter from recycled wood and funnels!

  • Economical Aquaponics
    Economical Aquaponics

    Participants in this October workshop learned about how they could combine a number of interests, raising fish, growing plants, eating organic products, and cutting outdoor water use by setting up an aquaponics system.

  • Painting Bamboo
    Painting Bamboo

    In this October painting session, participants learned about the unique characteristics of bamboo, a drought tolerant plant that can help to reduce outdoor water consumption.

  • Owl Planters
    Owl Planters

    An annual favorite, this October workshop showed participants how to create a planter from a recycled milk jug. Eco-craft like this also help to minimize waste that goes to a landfill.

  • Recycled Drawer Garden Nook
    Recycled Drawer Garden Nook

    In this two-session workshop in November, participants created personalized and functional garden nooks using a recycled wooden drawer, ready to be filled with drought tolerant plants.

Featured 2018-2019 Workshops

  • Benefits of Origami Paper Pot Planters
    Benefits of Origami Paper Pot Planters

    In this September workshop, participants learned how to create attractive and functional origami paper pots.

  • Da Bug Doctor
    Da Bug Doctor

    Attendees at this popular workshop in September learned tips on how to handle bugs around the home with our Da Bug Doctor.

  • Rock Your Garden
    Rock Your Garden

    In this September workshop, participants discovered why using scientific names for plants is important and created permanent rock labels to be placed by their plants.

  • Painting Hibiscus
    Painting Hibiscus

    In this October workshop, participants learned about the care and unique characteristics of the Hibiscus.

  • Painting Bird of Paradise
    Painting Bird of Paradise

    In this painting workshop, participants learned about the care and unique characteristics of the Bird of Paradise.

  • Xeric Critters
    Xeric Critters

    In this hands-on workshop, participants crafted a 2-liter plastic bottle to look like a hedgehog or other outdoor critter. With a bit of creativity, participants fashioned recycled containers that are practical, fun to use in your garden and simple to create.

  • Xeric: Beyond Succulents
    Xeric: Beyond Succulents

    Master Gardener Lynne Berry Westlake introduced "Xeric: Beyond Succulents" attendees to other drought tolerant or xeric plants that require smaller amounts of water and shared the basics of growing and caring for these plants.

  • Gardening with Beneficial Microbes
    Gardening with Beneficial Microbes

    In this hands-on workshop with instructor Jan Nadamoto, participants learned how to make their own beneficial microbes.

  • How to Make Ti-Leaf Lei
    How to Make Ti-Leaf Lei

    In this May workshop, participants learned how to make a ti-leaf lei, perfect for any special occasion.

Featured 2017-2018 Workshops

  • Hyptertufa Bowls
    Hyptertufa Bowls

    In this September 2017 workshop, participants created custom-made textured hypertufa bowls that are half the weight of their cement counterparts!

  • Spiral and Keyhole Gardens
    Spiral and Keyhole Gardens

    Workshop attendees learned about the differences between and the benefits of keyhole and spiral gardens. They then went home and created their very own gardens using the “lasagna” method to re-collect and nourish the soil.

  • How to Raise Composting Worms
    How to Raise Composting Worms

    In this November 2017 workshop, participants learned tips on how to set up and maintain their own counter-top composting worm bins. Watch a video clip from the workshop on Facebook.

  • Xeric Holiday Wreaths
    Xeric Holiday Wreaths

    In workshops held in November and December 2017, participants learned how to use less-thirsty, xeriscape plants to make colorful and festive holiday decorations.

  • Creating Cactus Art
    Creating Cactus Art

    Participants in this January 2018 workshop, received step-by-step instructions, from start to finish, and learn about the care and unique characteristics of the Prickly Pear cactus, and a brief history of the impressionistic art movement.

  • Painting Pineapples
    Painting Pineapples

    Attendees received step-by-step instructions to complete their masterpieces while learning about the care and unique characteristics of the Pineapple, a member of the Bromeliad family. This drought tolerant plant can help reduce outdoor water consumption when used in your landscape.

Featured 2016-2017 Workshops

  • Art in the Garden Mixed Media
    Art in the Garden Mixed Media

    No painting experience was required for this March 2017 workshop, where attendees used paint and recyclable materials to bring color and texture to art.

  • Crochet Succulents
    Crochet Succulents

    Participants in this March 2017 workshop made a crochet cactus or succulent potted plant, which are perfect additions to a household or an office décor.

  • Whimsical Reusables
    Whimsical Reusables

    During this April 2017 workshop, attendees created whimsical planters from recycled milk jugs, as a way to minimize waste that goes to a landfill.