Activities for Keiki & Their ʻOhana

Mahalo for joining us for these fun family activities! 

Plants of Hawaiʻi - Fun for everyone

Get to know the plants growing in Hawaiʻi with these photos and art pages. Use them to practice sketching, coloring, or botany.

Activity: Draw & Color With Us!

  • ʻĀwikiwiki

    There are six species endemic to Hawaiʻi, three of which are endangered. The plants can be confused with weedy nonnative Canavalia. The native plants have many uses, including for lei. Pictured is Canavalia hawaiiensis. Download coloring sheet.

  • Hau

    It is thought that hau, or Hibiscus tiliaceus, is a Polynesian introduction, though some believe it to be indigenous. The plant has many uses, including for cordage. The flower starts as mostly yellow then changes to mostly red. Download coloring sheet.

  • Kī or Ti
    Kī or Ti

    Originally a Polynesian introduction, kī or Cordyline fruticosa, now has many cultivars with names as interesting as their colors. There’s Kahaluʻu Rainbow, Painter’s Palette, Red Spoon, and Tiger Stripe. What colors will you make yours? Download coloring sheet.

  • Kokiʻo keʻokeʻo
    Kokiʻo keʻokeʻo

    We have many Hibiscus in Hawaiʻi but most of them are not native. Here we have the endemic kokiʻo keʻokeʻo or Hibiscus arnottianus subsp. arnottianus. It has a light fragrance esp. in the early morning or early evening. Note that "keʻokeʻo" means "white" but HIbiscus can be a variety of colors. Download coloring sheet.

  • Lily of the Nile
    Lily of the Nile

    Also called African Lily. Popular perennials, Agapanthus spp., are native to South Africa and naturalized in Hawaiʻi. These beautiful plants are very drought-tolerant and easy to grow. Pollinators love the flowers, which can be white or variations of purple. Download coloring sheet.

  • ʻUkiʻuki

    Endemic ʻukiʻuki (Dianella sandwicensis) grows in many environments, from dry shrubland to wet forests. Many love the beautiful purple fruit which can be made into a dye. Download the coloring sheet.

Ka Wai Ola - Kindergarten through Grade 3

How many ways do we use water? We tap our water supply to brush our teeth, wash our hands, and flush the toilet. Maybe we wash the car or give our pets a drink? Can you imagine what your day would be like without water? Let’s give water our aloha and be water-wise. Always try to conserve water to save our precious supply for the future!

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Activities: Games & Coloring!

Special mahalo to our UH ʻIke Wai Fall 2020 Intern, Diana Lopera, for creating the beautiful plant drawings!

Updated: 11/22/2021