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Since August 2000, the Honouliuli Water Recycling Facility (HWRF) recycles treated wastewater to serve irrigation and industrial needs in ʻEwa. The free 90-minute tour includes a recycling water video, an overview of the facility and the recycling processes, and a walk-through of the facility. The group tour is available by appointment. Note: Grade 4 through adults only.

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) is working to maximize Oahu's precious water resources. Water recycling is part of this effort. Recycled water is wastewater that has been treated to a level suitable for industrial processing, irrigation, and other non-drinking uses. Common uses include cooling towers, irrigation for golf courses, landscaping, and ornamental ponds. Recycled water is safe for human contact, but it is not intended for drinking. It is available year-round, even in times of drought, and it costs less than other new water sources. Recycled water use is closely monitored by the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health (DOH) to ensure it meets all health and safety standards.

Applicable DOE Standards

  • SC.ENV.5.6: Explain why recycling and conservation of resources are important

For Reservations or More Information

Call (808) 748-5041 or send an email to: tours@hbws.org.

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Please review the additional tour information before submitting a request for a tour or speaker to tours@hbws.org.

Updated: 1/8/24