BWS Drinking Water Sources in the Red Hill Area

March 13, 2023 – BWS conducts regular testing on our water sources to ensure compliance with all federal and state drinking water standards. The BWS water source closest to the Navy’s Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility is the Halawa Shaft pumping station. This station had last been tested in October 2021 and showed no presence of fuel constituents in the water. Following confirmation by the Navy, however, of contamination in their Red Hill Well and later at their Red Hill Shaft and Aiea-Halawa Shaft, BWS made the decision to cease pumping at our Halawa Shaft and then at our Aiea Well and Halawa Well.

Since early December 2021, BWS has been testing weekly and will post the results online as they become available. Test results are posted in chronological order based on the date that samples were taken.

Drinking Water Well Test Results

BWS Water Quality Report Database: Online Lookup

Updated: 03/13/2023